Do Children Lie About Sexual Abuse?

One misconception is that children often lie about being sexually abused. This myth persists despite what we know from research. It’s sometimes easier for the child’s family to believe that the child is making things up.

Paedophile Hunters: more harm than good?

Vigilante groups have gained more attention in the media lately, and have divided public opinion over their role in detecting crime.

Mandatory reporting debate, what you need to know

There is currently no legal duty to report known or suspected child abuse in England. This video outlines the ongoing debate, using excerpts from the recent IICSA seminars.

Three MORE myths about child sexual abuse

In this video, I talk about some of the common misconceptions about child sexual abuse from my own experience and that of the people I know.

How to respond when a friend tells you they were abused as a child:

If you know someone who has experienced child sexual abuse, but you’ve never known how to broach the topic, this video is for you.

Three reasons why children don’t tell you if they’re being sexually abused

What if there’s a child you know who is being abused, but who doesn’t feel able to tell you yet? In this video, I explain some of the reasons why children find it so hard to tell you the ‘secret’, so that you can better understand the experience of abuse from a child’s point of view.

What is the impact of child sexual abuse?

Today’s video outlines some of the ways that child sexual abuse can affect us.

When you are estranged from your family:

Sadly, many survivors of abuse have to deal with unsupportive family members. In this video, I share two mindsets that can help.

Things abusers say to keep children silent

Today I’m sharing five things the abuser would say to me that scared me enough to not tell anyone I was being sexually abused at home.

Do you feel responsible for being sexually abused?

Child sexual abuse is never the child’s fault. No exceptions.

Child sexual abuse: how to encourage children to tell you

Today’s video shares my thoughts on how we might encourage a more open conversation with our children about sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse: the first time I told somebody

In this video I talk about how I first disclosed that I was being sexually abused. Speaking out was the best thing I ever did. It is essential that you take a child seriously the first time they try to tell you.

Child sexual abuse: my experience of the court process

In this video, I share what happened from when I first disclosed the sexual abuse, to the conclusion of the trial. This is for anybody out there who has reported to the police and wants to know what could happen next.

Child sexual abuse: five myths everyone should know

In this video I explain five common beliefs or misunderstandings about child sexual abuse, and why they are myths.