‘If you tell anyone, it will incriminate us both.’


Beam Project is a social enterprise set up by Siobhan Pyburn, a survivor of child sexual abuse. After publicly sharing her story of intra-familial abuse in the media, Siobhan brought together a team of people to develop training for anyone who works with children. Our aim to use our lived experience of abuse to create change in how concerns about abuse are handled at work. Learn more about our history here. 

Here’s what we can do for your organisation:

  • Provide training on child sexual abuse, including: why children don’t tell us if they’re being abused, how to broach the subject with a child you have concerns about, and how to respond to disclosures. Our training is 100% survivor-led, which means that it is always facilitated by people with direct experience, and who have contributed to the training material. 
  • Develop tailored training and resources for your organisation, with a focus on learning from direct experience to help intervene in cases where sexual abuse is occurring. We don’t claim to be able to ‘prevent’ abuse; but we can tell you what would have helped us to speak out sooner.
  • Speak and/or co-chair at safeguarding events and conferences. 

Here’s what we can do for your young people:

  • Siobhan is keen to speak to young people directly (14+) about her experience of abuse, how she managed to disclose, and how she has dealt with the aftermath. The aim is to motivate teenagers to speak out about abuse if they are experiencing it, rather than to use shock tactics or graphic details. 
  • We are developing a session on resilience after abuse, which we want to trial to see if it’s helpful to young people who are dealing with adversity and who are in need of motivation and support. For more information on this, please contact Siobhan at info@beamproject.co.uk

‘When thinking of all the women that have ever made an impact in my life, you are right at the top! What a godsend you were at such a trying time. Forever grateful.’

– Natalie, sexual abuse survivor who received email support from Siobhan throughout disclosure

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Siobhan Speaking at the NHS England Conference on Child Sexual Exploitation 2016

About Siobhan


Hi! I’m Siobhan. I have lived experience of child sexual abuse which I suffered from a very young age, until I managed to disclose and report at age 15. Following a lengthy court process, my father was found guilty and sentenced to three years in prison in 2007, then released early.

I want to ensure that no child today feels like they can’t tell anyone if they’re being abused at home, or anywhere else. For this, we need a deeper understanding of the reasons why children find it so tremendously difficult to speak out, and how we might support them.

I first shared my story in public at age 17, when I created a video project with Fixers which was aired on TV. The response was phenomenal and showed me how valuable spoken testimony is to those who still suffer. It was the start of a path that would lead me to winning two national awards for ‘exceptional community impact’ and feeling very resolved about my own experiences. I grew up thinking it was all my fault. Society helped me to think otherwise, but there are still many, many children who feel silenced by shame. I’m here to change that.