‘If you tell anyone, it will incriminate us both.’

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Beam Project is a social enterprise set up by Siobhan Pyburn, a survivor of child sexual abuse. She started helping other survivors through sharing her story and writing when she was 17. Our purpose: to support those who have endured child sexual abuse, to speak up about this sadly taboo issue and to find ways of making the system better for vulnerable children. For example:

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‘I just wanted to let you know that speaking to you helped me more than you could know… your words and advice were a big reason I got up every morning, still helps me to this day. So I just wanted to say thank you. Eternally, thank you.’ – Natalie, CSA survivor

When a single survivor can talk about what happened to them, then they play a part in dismantling that isolation for ALL survivors. From there, we can begin to improve things for the next generation. Let’s hear it for more peer-led support services for young people, better training for healthcare professionals based on real survivor experience and child protection processes that are written in a language that everybody can understand.


Speaking at the NHS England Conference on Child Sexual Exploitation 2016