Founded in Spring 2017 by Siobhan Pyburn, Beam Project is a social enterprise set up to improve outcomes for everyone affected by child sexual abuse. We are pioneering a truly survivor-led approach to influencing training and policy, because we think lived experience should be the benchmark for tackling this issue. ‘Nothing about us, without us!’ 

Our particular area of expertise is delivering training to professionals who work with children, however, we also offer consultancy and free resources via our weekly YouTube channel. We want to stay fairly flexible in how we achieve our aim of helping the children who are being abused today, and all of our work aims to raise the profile of child sexual abuse as a societal issue which requires more attention.

We are keen for constant evaluation and feedback, in order to make sure that we are creating tangible positive outcomes.

‘I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned getting survivors of abuse to make the policies; such a great insight into this topic and thanks for such openness when answering questions’ – Alan Smith, Detective Constable, Cheshire Constabulary 


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Siobhan releases new videos every week on her YouTube channel