Beam Project is a social enterprise set up to improve outcomes for everyone affected by child sexual abuse. We are pioneering a survivor-led approach to influencing training and policy, because we think lived experience should be at the forefront of tackling this issue. ‘Nothing about us, without us!’ 

Our Timeline

2008: Siobhan shared her story of child sexual abuse in public for the first time at age 17, by creating a video with Fixers, which was aired on ITV News. 

2009: The project received a national Vinspired award for ‘exceptional community impact’. 

2010: Siobhan was named ‘national woman of courage’ by Lesley Pearse, and appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine in their October issue. 

2010-2013: The next goal was to set up a student support group specifically for young survivors of sexual abuse, but the idea was rejected due to concerns that encouraging students to come to terms with their abuse experience may negatively affect academic performance. Yes, really. 

March 2016: Siobhan spoke at the first national NHS safeguarding conference and, after realising there was a demand for learning from lived experience that was not currently being met, began delivering training nationwide. 

July 2016: The training work secured funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation under their Ideas & Pioneers fund. Siobhan started a YouTube channel about abuse and recovery. 

March 2017: Siobhan put together an advisory team for Beam Project and started writing in third person. At this stage, around 1300 professionals had been impacted by the work, with testimonials to demonstrate the value of learning from lived experience. 

July 2017: Beam Project secured funding from UnLtd via their Do-It award; opening up networking, promotion and venture-building opportunities. 

June 2018: Siobhan appears on ITV Meridian to mark the ten year anniversary of her first public appearance as a survivor of child sexual abuse. Her work has now impacted over 3000 professionals. Beam Project delivers its first Dare To Ask workshop in Manchester.

‘I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned getting survivors of abuse to make the policies; such a great insight into this topic and thanks for such openness when answering questions’ – Alan Smith, Detective Constable, Cheshire Constabulary 


January 2019: Beam Project to deliver ‘Dare To Ask Cork’, a workshop for professionals working in Ireland.


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Siobhan runs a YouTube channel about her experience of abuse and recovery.
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