Our Values

The following values guide all our work as we aim to deliver positive outcomes for people affected by child sexual abuse:

Lived experience: anyone who delivers training or consultancy under our banner will have lived experience of sexual abuse themselves. This is to give survivors the opportunity to be heard and to influence the future social climate for children being abused today. We take a literal approach to the ‘voice of the survivor’ idea because we are all survivors, and everything we say is informed by what we wish someone had understood or said to us at the time. 

Pragmatism: we want to use our experiences to make the subject matter real for our audience, and to come up with solutions that will lead to more children feeling able to disclose. We are constantly asking ourselves ‘how does this project or piece of work result in better outcomes for children?’ If we can’t answer that, we don’t do it.

Feedback: we want to know what you think about the way we do things. We will listen and take on board your particular concerns as professionals who are dealing with the pressures and responsibilities involved in safeguarding. What is it that you’d like to understand about child sexual abuse? Please let us know, and we will be sure to include it in our work. If we get sidetracked, we will always circle back around to what is needed, and what helps. 

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