Dare To Ask: Workshops for professionals

Beam Project offers training for professionals who work with children, based on  lived experience of child sexual abuse. In particular, we focus on:

– Our personal stories of sexual abuse at home and in institutional settings, going through the court process, and how services might be improved from a survivor-led point of view

– The reasons why children find it so hard to tell us if they’re being sexually abused (with references to personal experience)

– How to encourage children to speak out, despite the obstacles they face (including an ‘ideal conversation’ model you can have with children which addresses underlying themes of abuse to build trust and demonstrate understanding… without asking leading questions); and

– How to respond to disclosures effectively (what to say, what not to say with tons of examples)

Siobhan and the team have worked with audiences of various sizes (15-200) and allow time for a Q&A session at the end, which usually turns into a constructive discussion! We offer the opportunity to understand child sexual abuse from the perspective of someone who has been there, and can therefore articulate the difficulties faced by children in that situation. Our workshops include plenty of scope for group discussions, with a focus on interactive learning.

The training has been developed by several survivors of abuse, and feedback from previous sessions is available on request.

How do we know that the training is effective?

  • We collect feedback after the sessions. Constant evaluation is embedded in Beam Project’s values.
  • We are always developing better ways to capture meaningful feedback, whether positive or negative. This may include survey monkeys (what a time to be alive!) in the weeks or months after the event, and statistical analysis of data received so far.

What IS the tangible outcome of our work?

  • As a result of attending a Beam Project event, we hope that you will use the learning to intervene in a situation where a child is experiencing sexual abuse. We want to help you be the difference between a child feeling able to disclose, or keeping the abuse to themselves for perhaps many more years. Have you used our content (workshops/presentations/Siobhan’s YouTube videos or anything else) in your place of work?  We want to hear those stories. 

Our fees depend on the size of your event/conference and how long you would like us to present for (our standard workshop lasts around four hours, to include a 15min break). For enquiries, please contact info@beamproject.co.uk