Our Team

Sharon White OBE


Sharon has worked in both the NHS and Independent sector for over 35 years. She worked as a Designated safeguarding lead for children and young people looked after and is passionate about ensuring optimum child protection. Sharon is a Care Quality Commission (CQC) Safeguarding inspector expert advisor and the Co-chair of the global School Nurses International. She is honoured to have been was awarded an OBE in the Queens 2015 New year’s honours list.

Siobhan met Sharon after speaking at the SAPHNA conference in 2016. She helps to promote our work and offers networking opportunities throughout the health and safeguarding fields. 


Tim Verity


Tim is a journalist and writer who has worked in regional and national news media since 2010. He is also a survivor of child sexual abuse and, in 2017, successfully prosecuted the relative who abused him as a child. To read more about his particular experiences with abuse, please visit his website.

Tim wants other survivors to know that they aren’t alone, they aren’t damaged, disturbed or in any way abnormal; feelings it has taken a lifetime to tackle and which are still with him to some degree. 

Tim also wants to help other survivors to find their own voice, by offering a platform to people who feel able to speak publicly, as well as encouraging a society where youngsters who have been ‘victims’ of abuse are able to disclose before it goes any further. He therefore helps facilitate our Dare To Ask workshops. 

That is why I’m proud to support the work of organisations likeBeam Project. Supporting adult survivors is important, but ensuring that the children of today who have been abused aren’t burdened with a life of shame and silence is vital.


David Miles


David is a digital marketing consultant, trainer, and co-author of Fusion: the new way of marketing. Since 2004, his various businesses have provided training and consultancy on Google AdWords, SEO, web analytics, social media marketing, website design, and conversion rate optimisation to companies large and small across the UK and Europe. 

Aside from running his own business, David is also a Director of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), the UK’s leading business organisation, and is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.

David’s own experiences of childhood sexual abuse have led to him working with organisations like Beam Project to help raise awareness of CSA and of how abusers operate, and to campaign for the introduction of laws that would compel staff in schools and other institutions to report all cases of known or suspected child abuse.



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