About Siobhan


Siobhan founded Beam Project in 2017 to give survivors of all ages the opportunity to speak directly to professionals about what works, and what doesn’t.

Recently named ‘one of the country’s most prominent female activists’ on ITV, Siobhan uses her lived experience of intra-familial child sexual abuse to deliver straight-talking training on the reasons why children find it so hard to speak out, and how we can help them. Having achieved a distinction for her MSc in Safeguarding in an International Context, Siobhan also writes for various publications on all issues related to child sexual abuse, including the Journal of Family Health and CareKnowledge.

At the time of writing, Siobhan is looking into possible research topics to form the basis of a PhD project, and seeking literary representation for Daddy Issues: One woman’s journey to finding healthy love after chid sexual abuse. Outside of ‘work’, Siobhan’s interests include chess, paragliding and cooking vegan food. You can find her on Instagram at @SiobhanSpeaks, or follow her YouTube channel at Siobhan Pyburn.

To book Siobhan to speak at a safeguarding conference or other event, please email info@beamproject.co.uk. 

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