Compulsory relationship & sex education in schools

‘Just let children be children!’

I think that if the only thing which defines someone’s childhood is NOT having sexual education then that’s a separate problem. In other words… how is being clued up about sex and safety compromising someone’s childhood?

You know what DOES compromise someone’s childhood? Abuse.

Yeah, I’d say that was a pretty compromising situation for me.

I sure do wish someone had come along and told ME about sexual abuse: what it was, why it was so difficult to tell someone, and why it’s never the child’s fault. Perhaps that would’ve helped me to speak out sooner.

So what’s more important? Educating children in a way that protects their physical/sexual boundaries… or leaving them vulnerable to sexual abuse just because YOU still think sex is some kind of dirty subject?

Education, as in so many other instances, is the way forward.

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