Why is there a rapist on the stage?

I am not someone who likes to be on the anti for the sake of having something to be indignant about. But sometimes a thing really is how it looks. Or is it? You tell me, because so far I am just baffled.

Today’s episode is my response to the TED talk where a lady tells the story of her rape and how she forgave the man who raped her. She is co-presenting on stage with the man who raped her. Watch it here.

Ahead of their invitation to present at W.O.W festival (that is, the Women of the World Festival), I’m outlining my thoughts on the message that could be sending, for those of us whose abusers/attackers are not so forthcoming in accepting responsibility for what they’ve done – if the man in the TED talk has truly done that.

Bottom line, for me, is this: stop applauding a rapist for admitting he raped someone. This is the title of a commentary article also released today, which you can read here.

As always, happy to hear your thoughts. Oh, and, SUBSCRIBE! Thanks. 🙂

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