Choosing healthy relationships after child abuse

How to make healthy relationship decisions, now that I’ve made a few myself  this topic was requested by a viewer, and is about meeting people who have also suffered some trauma in their lives – how can we tell if they’re ready for a good relationship?

‘Many of us are drawn to people with similar experiences to ourselves – there is comfort and support in this. But there is a cycle to be broken. Unless they have done the long, hard work of breaking it, including any addictions or other behavioural problems – they are a difficult partner. We sometimes escape a pattern of abuse between our parents only to marry someone who repeats the cycle.

I’d love to see you discuss: how do I sensibly assess whether my partner has truly broken the cycle? Has she/he developed the positive mental attitudes needed for a good relationship? How do I accurately measure this at an early dating stage?’

Here are my thoughts on how to choose healthy partners.

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