Three Things I Did To Recover (Which You Can Do Too!)

I thought about calling this video something cheesy like ‘Recovery 101’ – a bit of pizzazz never hurt anyone, but, as a vegan……………………………. I don’t do cheese anymore.

Okay, so here’s three of the things (not ALL of the things) I did to help me come to terms with my experiences and aspire to a happier life. I think they will be helpful for any survivor particularly one who is just at the start of recovery.


I publish new videos every Monday examining some aspect of my experience of child sexual abuse, and shining a light on some pretty important ideas. I appreciate every bit of feedback I receive; in a way, it actually helps me to realise with more and more clarity each time, how much the abuse WASN’T my fault and how wrong the abuser was to convince my child mind that I was responsible.


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