How Activism Is Helping My Recovery

It is so crucial that survivors feel heard, believed, understood. Participating in activism using my own firsthand experience of child sexual abuse has aided my recovery in a few ways, and I feel that all survivors – if and when they feel ready – could benefit from turning full circle on their experiences to help others.

I approach this in a few different ways, the most recent being my YouTube channel. I also write and speak on survivor issues, and fully support the notion of mandatory reporting – that is, that there should be a legal obligation for professionals to report known or suspected child abuse to a local authority (there is currently no such law – more on this later!).

Today’s entry is inspired by a meeting I attended this afternoon about the value of young voices. Although the event was hosted by Fixers, who empower young people to tackle any issue they feel strongly about, I think that the value of voice takes on a whole new level of significance for survivors of sexual abuse.

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