How I Reconnected With My Body After Child Sexual Abuse

Good afternoon!! It was morning when I filmed this video and now it’s afternoon – ahh, the life of a between-contracts freelance technician who is trying to change the world on the side. Well, I say ‘change the world’ as shorthand to mean, trying to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and therefore help the kids who are going through it today, as I did.

I am often changing the angle from which I approach this aim. Sometimes I share stuff for professionals who maybe work with children and would benefit from a survivor’s point of view. Other times I speak to survivors directly. Most of the time I underpin everything with a sense of what could have helped me, before I ever told anyone that I was being abused at home.

Today’s video is about overcoming a sense of bodily betrayal which some survivors experience – I know I certainly did. I touch on two factors which help me to feel grounded inside my body and made me develop a positive self image.

My mind is buzzing with ideas for my baby channel, and I hope I can reach as many people as possible. So please like share comment, let me know how I’m doing or if there’s any questions you’d like to ask a survivor. I dig deep into my own experience because I can, and because I think it’s important to speak up as much as possible.

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